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More Crime in California – Why Jail Realignment AB 109 Doesn’t Work

More Crime In California

There will be more crime in California. As AB109 pushes on, so does the impact  that it brings


There will be more crime in California, due to the impact of AB109. California county jails are in big trouble. There are inmates serving 15 years and more in our county jails.  These jails were built to house pre-trial inmates and inmates with sentences of no more then 1 year.  With California Jail Realignment ( AB109) prison inmates can serve an unlimited sentence at a county jail facility.  This contributes to jail overcrowding at the county level causing criminals to be released back onto our streets.  This happens daily.  Crime rates continue to increase in our communities because of this.  What should we do?  What can we do? What do you think? Take a moment to post a comment below in response or discuss on our Facebook page.

2 Responses to More Crime in California – Why Jail Realignment AB 109 Doesn’t Work

  • Eric K. says:

    I couldnt agree more with this article. The AB 109 has impacted the community in a sneaky, damaging way. I has all but done away with bail in California, and it has even affected prisoner transports as well. We all need to rise up and quash this aspiring beast. Before its too late. Your community cant wait another day. I transport Probation Violation inmates all day long. Most of them get put in as NO Bail and as soon as they go to court they are released. What a waste of time. None of them are actually going to prison. And when they get prison time they serve it at the county. Prison politics are starting to affect the jails now also. Its a real mess.

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