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Two Bail Bondsmen Shot and Killed April 18, 2013

Bail Bondsmen have a dangerous job.  They take risk everyday to make sure that the criminal justice process is completed.  In many counties today defendants are release with a citation and no followup.  We they don’t appear a warrant is issued.  Most time the warrant is never acted on until the defendant is stopped because he has committed another crime.  Bonds Bonds hold the defendant accountable until the end of the process.  Clearly cite release and OR are unacceptable. Which form of release do you think is better?

One Response to Two Bail Bondsmen Shot and Killed April 18, 2013

  • Ashely Rafel says:

    The bail bondsman community has some harsh words following the murder of two valley bail bondsmen on Monday night. Authorities say they’ve arrested the alleged gunman in the fatal shooting of two bail bondsmen in northwest Phoenix.

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